The date of the Argentina match against Croatia and the carrier channels in the 2022 World Cup semi-finals

Argentina vs Croatia live streaming Argentina vs Croatia World Cup semi-finals time and date of the World Cup semifinal match between Argentina and Cr


The time and date of the World Cup semifinal match between Argentina and Croatia live streaming

The Argentina vs. Croatia match in the Qatar World Cup 2022 semifinals, slated for Tuesday, December 13, 2022, is eagerly anticipated by football fans around.

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Argentina vs Croatia

How did Argentina go to the 2022 World Cup semifinals?

The Argentina national team advanced to the quarterfinals of the Qatar World Cup 2022 after winning its group. Argentina lost its opening match to Saudi Arabia 2-1 before regaining its composure to defeat Mexico 2-0, then defeated Poland with the same score, and in the Round of 16 match Argentina defeated Australia 2-1. Argentina then defeated the Netherlands in the World Cup quarterfinals on penalties.

How did the Croatian national soccer team achieve World Cup 2022 semifinal qualification?

Following a scoreless draw in their opening match against Morocco, a 4-1 victory over Canada, a scoreless draw in their final group match against Belgium, and a round-of-16 penalty shootout victory over Japan's national team Croatia, the Croatian national team advanced to the 2022 World Cup semifinals. This is a similar outcome to what they achieved in their match against Brazil.

Is the Argentina-Croatia game being televised on a public channel?

Argentina's match versus Croatia in the 2022 World Cup semifinals will be broadcast on the open channel, according to the management of BN Sports, which has the rights to broadcast the tournament games.

Argentina expected lineup against croatia in the world cup

It is expected that the expected formation of the Argentine national team against Croatia in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup will be as follows:


Goalkeeper: Emiliano Martinez

Defenders: Molina, Otamendi, Acuña, Lisandro, Martinez

Midfield: McAllister, Di Maria, De Paul

Offensive line: Lautaro, Messi, Alvarez


Croatia's expected lineup against Argentina in the World Cup

It is expected that the expected formation of the Croatian national team against Argentina in the semi-finals of the World Cup will be as follows:

Goalkeeper: Levakovic

Defense line: Goranovic, Lovren, Guevadriol, Sosa

Midfield: Berzovic, Modric, Kovacic

Offensive line: Pasalic, Kramaric, Peric

Messi will make our mission impossible, according to Croatian lore

An overview of today's most recent national team of Argentina news. Croatian folklore: Messi will render our mission impossible

Lionel Messi, the captain of Argentina's national team, will make their work in the World Cup semifinals impossible, according to Robert Prosinecki, the legendary member of Croatia's national team.

Tango dancers hope to succeed in extending their quest to the final when Croatia plays Argentina on Tuesday in the first of the semi-final matchups.

The Argentine icon applauds Lautaro for his bravery at the World Cup.

Legendary Argentine national team player Javier Zanetti lauded Lautaro Martinez, emphasizing that he had a great personality when interacting with the tango dancers during the World Cup.

Following the two teams went to penalty kicks after the completion of regulation and extra time, with the outcome being a tie with two goals for each team, Lautaro was able to score the game-winning kick in the World Cup quarterfinal match against the Netherlands national team.

The fact that Orsato is in charge of the Argentina-Croatia game is both fortunate and stressful!

FIFA tasked Italian referee Daniele Orsato with overseeing the Argentina-Croatia encounter in the 2022 World Cup semi-finals in Qatar, with Massimiliano Irrati serving as his assistant in the VAR room.

The side that advances to the Qatar World Cup final will be decided by Argentina's game against Croatia on Tuesday, in a position that cannot be separated into two.

Maguire shatters Messi's World Cup dream!

Lionel Messi's goal of winning the World Cup with Argentina was dashed when England defender Harry Maguire ruled out the possibility of Tango winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup, despite the Tango Battalion making it to the final four.

After England was eliminated by the roosters in the quarterfinals on Saturday night, losing by a score of two goals to one, Maguire predicted France will win the World Cup for the second time in a row.

After celebrating in front of the Netherlands players, the Italian star insults the Argentine stars, saying, "You will reap what you sow."

After Argentina won the World Cup quarterfinal penalty shootout against the Netherlands, Italian midfielder and former Juventus player Claudio Marchisio declined to celebrate in front of the Dutch teammates.

In the final penalty shootout, after Lautaro Martinez made his successful shot against the Netherlands' national team, many Argentine players raced, pointing their faces at the Dutch players, and celebrated in a way that some found offensive. 

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