I.            The German League began play when?


The Bundesliga is a natural progression for the German League, which began in its current format in 1963 after having previously taken on numerous titles and forms.

The Second World War, the effects of which were severe for the German country as a whole, must be brought up whenever anything regarding Germany in the twentieth century is discussed, including football.

The split of Germany into East Germany and West Germany, after everything had been central during the time of Hitler and prior, was one of the effects of the war. by the Berlin Wall, which began in the capital and divided the nation.

Amateur leagues connected to the regions began to develop in the German region after the war ended in 1949, but at the start of the 1950s, there were calls for the establishment of a central league in the western section to aid the German team in competing with foreign clubs.

   II.            The schedule for the German League games following your return and the channels that will carry them

In East Germany, a points league with 14 teams and a relegation system for the two bottom teams was first organized in 1950.

The 1962 World Cup match saw West Germany lose to Yugoslavia, and this loss served as the impetus for the creation of the German League. On July 28, 1962, it was decided to launch the league in the 1963–1964 campaign.

The Bundesliga was created by the merger of the five regional amateur leagues. The initial core of 46 clubs advanced. The league's 16 teams were chosen based on their achievements, financial strength, and other factors.

When the Berlin Wall came down on October 3, 1990, the German nation was once again united, and all of the eastern and western government sectors merged to form one organization. This also happened in football, where the league competition that was taking place in the eastern section was canceled and the participating clubs merged into The Bundesliga.

The remainder of the eastern clubs were split among the lower divisions, while Dynamo Dresden and Hansa Rostock moved up to the German League's premier tier.

III.            The German League has how many teams?

The German League has how many teams

Unlike the main leagues, the English Premier League, the Spanish League, the Italian League, and the French League, which each feature 20 clubs, the German League has 18 teams that fight for the championship each season.

Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, and Schalke are likely permanent members of the Bundesliga as of late.

 IV.            What is the league structure in Germany?

As previously indicated, 18 clubs participate in the German League each season for the championship using the traditional points-gathering method. As a result, each team plays 34 matches, which equals the number of rounds in the Bundesliga, as each team plays the other 17 teams both at home and away.

There are guidelines that are followed to determine the ranking when two or more teams have identical points:

1.      Disparity in goals.

2.      The total amount of goals each side has scored.

3.      Clashes in the open.

4.      Goals scored in head-to-head competition by each squad.

5.      The total amount of goals scored on the other team's field by each team.

6.      The total amount of goals scored by each side on the road this season.

LaLiga standings 2022-23

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